Trained classically in art and architecture in her early years in Boston, Chicago, and Florence, Italy, Georgia Nassikas has focused her work over the past decade on more abstract encaustic and oil paintings. Using wax from the beehives outside her barn studio in Virginia, Georgia mixes earth-based pigments and damar crystals from fir trees on a hot palette to create layered, scraped, and scored works on panel and paper, often at the imaginative intersection of abstract and representational. The inspiration for both her wax-based and oil paintings comes from the colors and varying light of the natural world and the geometric lines and shapes of architecture. The intellectual power and challenge that drive her creativity reflects her professional involvement in climate science and policy, her seeing firsthand the thawing of permafrost and fracturing of ice, her dedication to conservation and preservation of the vital blues and greens, whites and grays of our beautiful world. Take the time to observe the multiple layers and meanings of her paintings, of a bold sky rising from a charcoal horizon and a high meadow, of light emanating below the surface or angling from afar, of abstract forms and contours reflecting more luminescent philosophy than literal construct.

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